Bipolar, much?

This evening my roomie, my sister and I took a personality test. The results were surprising, to some extent. 😀 My sisters was right on, she’s patient, diplomatic and kind, and has a tendency to be absent-minded. My roomies results were a bit surprising, apparently she’s a “people pleaser”. Hahaha, okey that might have been a bit misleading. Her results claimed her to be helpful, considerate and warm-hearted (which are all qualities I think she possesses) but I wouldn’t have thought that she would have been personality nr 2. My results were divided between two personalities, one that claimed me to be loyal, committed and nice and an other that claimed me to be happy, full of ideas and adventures. My negative sides were that I’m supposedly impatient and restless vs. worried and sceptic. 😀 so all in all, a bit bipolar maybe 😛

If you feel like taking the test;

Photo on 2012-12-03 at 22.43


2 thoughts on “Bipolar, much?”

  1. haha de e ju du in a nutshell:
    impatient and restless = orkar inte vara på samma ställe fö länge, yes!
    worried and sceptic.= oroar dej i onödan å skeptiskt inställd ti skolmaten, yes!.

    …och så e du ju no helt nice också 😛 hihi

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