Killing time.

Do YOU have too much spare time? Well do I have the cure for you! Here you’ll get the first ever published, Mongolian Hair’s own list of great series! So don’t waste away, start watching dem series TODAY!

Friends (comedy)
Sex and the city (drama, comedy)
Ally McBeal (drama)

Start over’s (see them from the beginning/worth seeing from the start)

  • – How I met your mother (comedy) (I would rcomend the first few seasons, the later ones are ok but the first 1-5 are the best)
  • – Bones (criminal)
  • – Happy Endings (feel good, comedy)
  • New Girl (feel good, comedy)
  • – Parenthood (life related)
  • – Gilmore Girls (feel good, girly)
  • Modern Family (feel good, comedy)
  • Grimm (criminal, supernatural)
  • – Once upon a time (fantasy, drama)
  • – Revenge (if you like a bit of drama)
  • – Pan Am (60’s inspired drama series)
  • – Mad Men (60’s inspired drama series)
  • – Community (comedy)
  • Suits (comedy/drama)
  • – Office (comedy)
  • Solsidan (comedy)


Jump in were ever:

  • CSI (criminal)
  • – CSI New York (criminal)
  • – American Dad (animation, comedy)
  • – Family Guy (animation, comedy)
  • – South Park (animation, comedy)
  • – House (drama)
  • – 30 Rock (comedy)
  • Svenska Hollywood fruar (reality)
  • Lyxfällan (reality) (this series inspires one self to be more economical)


  •  Two and a half men (comedy)
  • Desperate Housewives (drama) (last two seasons the best)
  • Dexter (criminal)
  • Jane by Design (drama, girly)
  • Greek (teenage drama)
  • Cougar Town (comedy)
  •  Vampire Diaries (super natural, drama)
  •  Drop Dead Diva (girly show)
  •  Real Housewives of Atlanta, – D.C., – Beverly Hills ect… (reality)

Holy mother  of… I seem to have no social life what so ever… Wonder how much time I’ve spent in front of the TV? Probably best to leave it a mystery. These are (hopefully) most of the series I have watched and this is also only my opinions. Maybe this blog post will help you survive the holidays or this blog post will forever be a reminder of how sad I really am…. Naaah just kidding, I know I’m awesome!


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