Christmas is all around.

Good evening to ya’ll, or should I say good night? It’s been so very hectic these past two days. I’ve been running around in circles trying to find some last-minute christmas presents. No surprise that rest of the citizens in Helsinki are doing the same… Yesterday I went to Stockmann… DO NOT ENTER THAT BUILDING! It’s freaking crazy inside! I think I was a few minutes from a breakdown in there, thank god I got out of there in time (gave up…). Note to self: next year christmas presents shall, noWILL be bought and gift-wrapped in october! But aside from this “shopping hell” there are so many lovely thing about christmas, like: the trees, gingerbread, all the lighting all around town and of course the christmas spirit!

An alternative christmas tree, I thought it was quite creative. It was in a random store in the Meatpacking district a few years ago. Just think, you would never have to buy another christmas three.

Let’s reconvene tomorrow. Good night!

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