We made it!

We made it to Malacca (apparently it can be spelled in many ways). I’m actually at a café in midtown in Malacca. We are having our first meal of the day (at 17.44??!??!), thank god for candy (am I right?!??)! Our bussride took forever, in all the guidebooks we were lead to belive that it will take a maximum of 4h but it took more like 6-7h.. The buss itself was quite different from back home, it was like a king sized seat, that at the same time was a massagechair and one could lean back almost to the point of lying down. The interior however was a different story. I think inspiration struck at some kind of rave…?



Here at the café, we had some Tom Yam soup (one of my favourites), and the soup was served in a coconut!! It really is the small things that count. Now I will enjoy the rest of the afternoon walking around in ChinaTown in Malacca.


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