Boosting my spirit.

You know the feeling when you’ve looked forward to something a really long time and when it finally happens and starts to come to an end, you get really down and feel like nothing fun ever is going to happen? Well this is how I feel about this trip ending. We bought the trip in may so for 6+ months I looked forward to it and now the two wonderful weeks in Asia are coming to an end… It feels a bit empty. But the f*%^#\ up thing is that this is how I always feel when something I’ve been looking forward to ends. And I always plan things so that I have something fun to look forward to, I think I’m addicted to the feeling of looking forward to something. Hahaa. Well now I will try to break the sadness I feel and make a list of wunderful things I have at home.

-the bestest of friends
-my wardrobe, is it bad it is the second thing I come to think of?
-my computer
-my own bed, with my Bamse (I will never grow out of my teddy bear! Don’t care how creepy people think it is that a grown up sleeps with her teddy bear, he will always have a place in my bed)
-my gym membership, although I don’t use it so frequently, it is nice to know it’s an option.
-my shower, tropical showers are very ideallyc but mine at home is more practical.
-to just pick up the phone and make a call, of course I could do it here, but one should really be a millionaire seeing that it costs 3€/minute

But most of all my friends!! Life is just not the same without good friends, and family of course but in some way they are also my friends.









Must say I have beautiful friends. Didn’t have pictures of everyone, but you are all on my mind!

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7 thoughts on “Boosting my spirit.”

  1. Heeeyy Anskuuu<3 Ni verkar ha haft en juvlig resa o de blir nog skoj att få dej hem en sväng innan jag åker! Hihi njuut!

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