Kuta and Seminyak.

We have been really lazy here in Bali. It might be because of the heat or that we saw and did so much the first week. Anyways, today we went to Kuta and Seminyak. We saw the memorial wall that was raised for the victims of the terrorist attack in 2002. There were actually three danish girls killed in that terror attack. The whole thing was horrible! Then we went to the beach in Saminyak. The waves today were so big that no one was allowed in the ocean. We decided to have lunch at the beach. Later on we went back to Kuta for some shopping.
-Side note: It’s just so typical that on the flight that we have to take from Singapore to Bali and vice versa has a policy of maximum 15kg/check-in luggage…. And Finnair which we flew here with and are going to fly home with have a policy of 23kg/check-in luggage. So all of us who thought we hade so many extra kilos, infact have to pay 200€ for over weight(!!!). Blah! Well nothing we can do about it now.

Tomorrow I think we will stay at the resort, surf and have spa treatments. On tuesday, our last whole day (buu), we will go to Ubud.


My feet, very interesting… Hahhaaa.


Stole Philster’s computer and did some soulsearching online.


And we enjoyed the view, too bad the camera couldn’t capture it.

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