Party hard

Good evening ladies and gents. As many of you probably know today is Saturday!! And I must say, I haven’t been this exited since, I don’t know, maybe 2,5 weeks ago. This blissful evening I’m going to pour liquids into my body that will make me completely crazy and overly emotional. If you do not know me, then I shall share a little side note: I almost never drink liquids containing any kind of pro mille, unless I’m going to PARTY HARD!!! …and this does not happen that often. No need for worries, although my way of expressing myself might give you another idea. Well back to my very exiting plans for this evening. There will be a number of very beautiful women coming over to my rooimes and my flat. Then there will be laughter and poring liquids into our body’s (all perverts note, this is not to be interpreted as sexual in any way!). We will spend an unknown amount of time here and then willingly go out to the cold Helsinki nightlife and see what is in store for us. Aaaah, must say, I’m so eager to see all my lovely friends! When you are away for a while you realize just how much you really appreciate your friends. So with this said I will leave the blog until tomorrow, when I’ll probably be wondering why I put my poor body through such a crazy night (but it’s so going to be worth it!! Haha)

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