Buuuya! A new season is upon us and this means THE NEW SPRING TREND’s are blessing us with their presence. Boy, are we lucky! SO let the games begin!

(I just want everyone to know, I’m a fashion enthusiast and I do not claim to know everything about fashion!)

Ruffles are back in business. I don’t know if this is something I will embrace but you never know.

Alpha females – “The alpha male world” just go upgraded to alpha FEmale and here to support this is the spring trends. I’m very smitten with the shorts suits and I really hope that I land a kick-ass summer job where I could pull one of these off!

Far East trends can also be seen in the spring 2013 collections. The traditional kimono for instance, have given inspiration to a few designers.

Spring Trends 2013 Far East
Contrasts – back-to-basics black and white. This trend can be seen in at least Zara’s and H&M’s newest collections, that just hit the stores. The up side with this trend is that it is quite classic, black and white never goes out of style. So if you decide to go all in with this trend, you won’t have to pack it away for a while.

This is something is would love to wear.

Something else that fits well with the contrast trend is the big and bold strips that are invading every retail store in Helsinki. This season you can find inspiration in Disney’s black-white stripe prison outfits and Marc Jacobs spring line.

Marc Jacobs really gave stripes a run for it’s money.

Zara have some cool pieces that I think resemble Marc Jacobs collection.

Dress: Zara 59,95€
Trousers: Zara 59,95€

Peekaboo pieces or “Show-off’s”. This season we are encouraged to be a bit more sexy, this season it will be hot to be hot. Transparency, sheer materials like silk chiffon and cut-out pieces are what the fashion world offers to the sexy in you. I would say that this trend fits every body shape, seeing as you can choose what you want to emphasise on your body. For instance, long legs – “up-to-there splits”, a nice waistline – cut-out pieces, boodylicious but – a tight skirt/dress or if you have a banging rack you can emphasise it with the transparent top (but please cover up somewhat).


Dress: Zara 39,95€
Dress: Zara 39,95€

This summer statement sunnies is the shit! I will personally be wearing my Anna del Russo sunnies this summer with my head held up high.

I love leather and I’m so happy that it will continue its presence with us this spring. Nicole Miller have interpret the “luxe leather”trend well in my opinion.

“Good girl meets bad”-vibe.
Dress: H&M 129,00€
Dress: H&M 129,00€
The leather jacket, that is a key piece in my spring wardrobe, is also joining us this spring. This leather jacket is from Zara and costs 219,00€.


It was fun making this blog post so I hope it was fun reading and it gave you some inspiration for your spring wardrobe.

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