Shoe enthusiast?

Recently I’ve been purchasing quite a bit if shoes… Have I gone from a bag lover to a shoe enthusiast? Or is it just the way of life when you love fashion and all it entails, that you consume all aspects of it? Anyways my newest addition to my shoe family are probably the highest pair I’ve purchased yet. I’m so happy that my boy-toy is that perfect amount taller than me, that I can use high heels as much as I wish. So when I rock them heels I get to join the “model elite” club and get to be 1,80+ cm tall. Is it just me or do others also feel like models when you strap an extra 10cm around your feet? l I just love it, haha. But my new pair of shoes actually make me as tall as my boy-toy. Don’t know how much he will be liking that…  I must say, I’m just waiting for spring so that I can stroll around Helsinki streets in my newest pair of wedges.


Too bad though that I fell for these when the spring trends are embracing low heels and flats. But then again high heels/wedges will always be in the picture so not to worry and it will be nice to have a season that wont make my feet ache. Oh yes, and the pointed toe is also making a comeback.

Marc Jacobs SS13
Marc Jacobs SS13


Even Victoria Beckham have been spotted with flats, I haven’t seen this before.

God bless, them flats!


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