Getting jiggy with it, nannanannnannanaaaa…

Yellow folk’s! This weeks theme: back to school. Today I had my first lecture in written swedish and finnish oral business. I’ve been trying to learn finnish for quite some time now and it’s really an up-hill battle. I’ve failed many finnish courses in my day, and barely passed with my head held up high. Last year I made finnish my “bitch” and I was determined to make words into understandable sentences. Now one year later it has finally paid off. Last semester I got 72 out of a 100 points and this semester I will try to achieve the “swedish speaking finn’s dream” and get 80 points. In this finnish oral course our task’s varies from a 5min job interview presentation of ourselves to a 15min marketing analysis. I will put some serious effort into these different tasks and at the end, when we have made our own video I will post it here, for the whole world to judge upon.


So all in all, a good day so far. Happy evenings to ya’ll. Peace!


My schoolbag.

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