Finnish sminnish.

So it seems I took a little break from the blog. It wasn’t intended, but if I don’t have anything interesting to write about it feels pointless to just babble.

Well I have something to brag about, a personal victory if I may say so, I had a finnish presentation and I didn’t choke. This is really something of a miracle, seeing as my last presentation was so awful my high school teacher said: “Next time you could at least try to learn two sentence’s”. Well good that I try to not dwell in the past, because today I knocked my own socks off! I had made a power point (last-minute), which sadly wasn’t a master piece but it got the point across. I had practised my speech at least ten times, and I was so nervous but at the same time exited of what was going to happen. I got up there, did my thing and I do not recall having any kind of blackouts. This my friends is a personal victory!

I really hope that all of those who still are nervous about their presentation, that they would just remember; “Everyone in that classroom is rooting for you to be a winner, no one wants you to fail!” -Filippa


Sadly, this was my power point. Haha

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