Reality checks in.

It seems that his time of year is quite busy. It feels like my friends and I are all drowning in assignments, exams, work ect. It’s like a never-ending story. I’ve already had two exams and a few deadlines. And to add a bit more flavour to my stressful life, I’m in the mist of applying for several summer jobs. I must say I’m very surprised of how much time it takes for each job application, it’s like a part-time job. Despite that my workload just grows by the second, I’ve surprised myself with actually being able to organize my time so that (at least so far) I’ve gotten things done in time. Any hooser, last week I went in for some check ups at the doctor, because of recurring tummy issues. I’ve now learned that I have some bowel issues that will force me to live a healthier life style. This transformation will require a LOT of devotion from me, seeing as I’m not the healthiest on the planet. My sugar intake has been vital for me ever since I learned how to use my allowance to satisfy my sugar needs. I really hope that I will have the determination to succeed with this new life style, so that my tummy wont bail on me in the future.


Doesn’t look too appetizing. Hahaa.


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