After Ruka we continued our journey to Pyhä. Pyhä isn’t as crowded as Ruka. We had a free day and a workday there. The workday went really well, the sun was shining and the people were happy. After Pyhä, Pallas was next up. Pallas was much smaller than the other places we’ve been. There’s just one hotel, and it’s been there for the past 60 years. It was very cozy and the staff was so friendly.

My luck unfortunately turned at Pallas. We were going to go ski off piste, but on our way there I fell and broke my leg.

The one photo I took before I broke my leg. It was so beautiful up there!



…and then they were done.
The plastic sock I have to wear is so unbelievable ugly!

Tomorrow my school has this annual ball, were everyone gets so dress up fancy and be beautiful. I was so looking forward to it, since I didn’t attend last year, and next year I’m probably on my exchange. Well I’ll be the best looking crippled person there, at least that’s something. hahaa

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