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TIme flies.

The blog has been abandoned for quite some time now. School has been crazy and actually everything has been very stressful, but times are changing and soon the holidays are upon us! I’ve so looked forward to this holiday!! This year I’m going to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. It will be amazing and unforgettable, can’t wait!

I will of course update the blog during the trip, and see if we can’t get some life back in the blog. In the mean time, take care and I’ll update in a week.

Klick, klick…

It’s just too easy to klick stuff home from the internet. They should have some kind of waiting period so that the buyer is a 100% sure about the purchase, or am I the only impulse shopper that needs restrictions?

So I have a few favorite sites that I usually shop on, like Asos and Topshop, but now I decided that I wanted to try some of the other sites. The orders I’ve placed weren’t of any significant value, just to be on the safe side. But still it was stuff I’ve been drooling over for some time. Lets hope I’ll get my stuff soon, I really want to try them out!  🙂

Aah yes, I have to recommend something, Ben&Jerry’s peanut butter cups icecream, OMG I LOVE IT!
My life just wouldn’t be the same without sweets! ❤


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On the dark side.

Nothing much has been happening on ze blog, there might not even be any readers left, but then again thats very understandable. My life is currently in “overload” mode and thats why theres no time to spare for ze blog. My “to do”-list is growing rapidly and I fear that the end is no where int sight, okay overstatement, it will hopefully end sometime in May.

Today I’ve been working on my 15min long finnish presentation. My presentation is nowhere near 15min and I’m not even sure about the subjects I’ve chosen to analyze. I don’t usually have stage fright but when you don’t really know the language and it feel like everyone else does, iiks, then it kind of sneaks up on you. Oh god, I hope they will bare with me as I try to just survive the horror of not finding the right words and sweating like a pig… Lets just hope we’ll look back at this day and laugh, hopefully soon.


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