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We heat it!

Do Amy of you use we<3it? Well let me tell you about it; it’s this awesome site where you can upload your own pictures and at the same time enjoy loads of other people pictures! I’m at least totally smitten. So just to demonstrate, here are same of my latest “harts”.








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At Mü

Helloo! Today is the second day in Bali. Yesterday I was so lazy that I barely touched my phone so the blog suffered a bit, but hopefully everyone survived. We live in a resort called Mü, in a big bungalow. Our bungalow is called Bintang, which also happens to be the name of the local beer. Propably fate, one would think. Hahaa.
Yesterday we were by the pool until 12.30, then my sister and I went for a full body massage. Must say I did not expect FULL upper-body massage on my front side 😀 otherwise it was really relaxing and nice. After the massage it started poring down….. Very unfortunate. My sister, Philster, my dad and I went and explored the beach. We ended up at a bar and had some beers and smoothies. Later on we had dinner here at the Mü resort. The dinner was for all the guests here, we had curry fish and all kinds of indonesian side dishes. The food was good and it was fun getting to know some of the other guests here.

Today it has been really hot and sunny, so we have only been laying by the pool.


Philster’s and my bedroom, upstairs.


The upstairs “lounge”/chillarea.


This is where we were chillaxing today.


Our sort of backyard.


My sister’s bedroom.


My parent’s bedroom.


One of our bathrooms, but I think this one is the coolest! It’s like beeing under a waterfall, when you shower.



Yesterdays tanning session.


Philster’s and my view from our balconey.

Tomorrow we are planning on doing something other than just relaxing at Mü. Since we all look like freshley cooked lobsters, I think we will avoid the sun tomorrow.

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Off to Bali.

Rise and shine, today we are heading to Baliiii! Yeeeii! We are unfortunately going to travel all day today but still, tomorrow at this time we are going to lay by the pool and enjoy paradise.

Yesterday it was the hottest day yet. just the walk to our lunch destination was exhausting. We had sushi for lunch, and the restaurant had a “rotating sushiband”(not sure what it is really called). After lunch it started pouring down rain like crazy, I’ve never seen so much rain at once. But it didn’t take too long before it stoped. Thought I’d share some pics from yesterday, that I took with my phone.


There were all kinds of makis and nigiris I’d never tasted before.


At dinner.


Our view at dinner.

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We made it!

We made it to Malacca (apparently it can be spelled in many ways). I’m actually at a café in midtown in Malacca. We are having our first meal of the day (at 17.44??!??!), thank god for candy (am I right?!??)! Our bussride took forever, in all the guidebooks we were lead to belive that it will take a maximum of 4h but it took more like 6-7h.. The buss itself was quite different from back home, it was like a king sized seat, that at the same time was a massagechair and one could lean back almost to the point of lying down. The interior however was a different story. I think inspiration struck at some kind of rave…?



Here at the café, we had some Tom Yam soup (one of my favourites), and the soup was served in a coconut!! It really is the small things that count. Now I will enjoy the rest of the afternoon walking around in ChinaTown in Malacca.


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Walked a marathon..?

Today sightseeing was on the agenda, here in Singapore. We went by MRT (their metroline) to Dhoby Ghaut where we saw Istana Park, which was nice and then we went down along Orchard Road. Orchard Road is the main shopping street, filled with malls, shops and cafés. I must say, I’ve never seen so many big shopping malls in one place, they were seriously lined up against each other. Crazy! We did of course not have time to go through them all but we managed to see 3 😀 sounds pathetic compared to how many there were. After our sightseeing+shopping we went swimming in the hotel pool, which was very refreshing after all that walking. In the evening we had plans to meet up with one of my moms local friends here in Singapore. She was so very lovely and showed us Chinatown, where we ate and walked around a bit. After dinner, at a very traditional asian place (sort of a foodcourt), we headed away from the old parts of Singapore to the newer parts. Here we were invited to a rooftop party at a hotel. The hotel was amazing! The view was AMAZING! And the drinks were delicious! The company was fabulous and we are all so very happy to have been so fortunate enough to have had this expirience. I will post pictures, but since I did not take my computer with me I’m blogging from my phone. This means that all the good ones are on my camera, but then we have something to look forward to. Hahaa. Hope you had a good one! Now I’m off to bed. Tomorrow morning we are leaving very early for Malaysia. I don’t know if we have internet there, if not I will do my best to find an internetcafé. Nighty night, peace!





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