”Logic will get…

”Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

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Shit, it’s cold outside! There’s so much snow out side it’s crazyy. Right now I’m on my way to school and the tram I’m on seems to have some difficulties getting forward because of the snow. Hope I make it to class.

Hot tea, helps staying warm.

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Happy times.

Today was supposed to be a “hard-working, exceeding my expectations”-day, but sadly it didn’t quite turn out that way. Instead I went to lunch with one of my very lovely friends, and the lunch, of course turned into a 2,5h gossip session. Why does one always manipulate one self into thinking “yes of course, a quick lunch. Why not?”. I really think I have some sort of “Peter Pan”-syndrome when I always seem to just forget my “have to do’s” and just do my “want to do’s”. Well any hooo, the evening continued with very loving company. Myself and three of my very dear friends made some Christmas porridge and had some glögg. Now at 12.12 am I will start struggling with my “to do’s” and see if my bed and I will have some alone time at all.


Lots of love.

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Bipolar, much?

This evening my roomie, my sister and I took a personality test. The results were surprising, to some extent. 😀 My sisters was right on, she’s patient, diplomatic and kind, and has a tendency to be absent-minded. My roomies results were a bit surprising, apparently she’s a “people pleaser”. Hahaha, okey that might have been a bit misleading. Her results claimed her to be helpful, considerate and warm-hearted (which are all qualities I think she possesses) but I wouldn’t have thought that she would have been personality nr 2. My results were divided between two personalities, one that claimed me to be loyal, committed and nice and an other that claimed me to be happy, full of ideas and adventures. My negative sides were that I’m supposedly impatient and restless vs. worried and sceptic. 😀 so all in all, a bit bipolar maybe 😛

If you feel like taking the test;

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you always remember your first…

So I started a blog, not quite sure what I want it for yet but time will tell. I love my Instagram so I felt that a blog might be cool as well. Hopefully I will post some cool pics and at some point in time walk down memory lane with this blog. I’m not a fan of long texts so I won’t be doing much of that. So wish me good luck and hope I will manage to keep it interesting. 😀